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Miller’s Backyard BBQ: Serving Delicious BBQ Catering Services at Your Location

For a delicious, one-of-a-kind BBQ experience, look no further than Miller’s Backyard BBQ! Our family-run business stands out by bringing the best barbecue with all the smoky, savory flavors that come with it. We cater to events of every size and provide an impressive selection of services.

Mouthwatering Meats

We offer a wide variety of smoked meats for catering your event — from classic pulled pork and beef brisket to chicken wings and more. Our unique recipes are sure to delight your guests and keep them coming back for seconds. All orders come with our signature homemade sauces, coleslaw, and other sides — making each dish truly complete.

Professionally Trained Chefs

Our chefs have been trained in the art of smoking meats to perfection. We ensure that each piece is cooked low and slow over hardwood coals so that it develops a tasty crust while maintaining its juicy interior. Every order is prepared fresh onsite right before your eyes so you know you’re getting the most delicious food available!

Mobile Cooking Set Up

We also use a mobile cooking set up that allows us to bring all the supplies we need wherever we go — including our custom designed trailer with built in grills and smokers. This allows us to cater events at any location without sacrificing quality or flavor — ensuring that everyone can experience our mouthwatering eats!

At Miller’s Backyard BBQ, we take pride in providing delicious barbecue catering services across your location! With our professionally trained chefs, mobile cooking set up, and variety of mouthwatering meats, you can be sure you’re getting only the highest quality products available. Let us cater your next event today!

Some of the Capital Region cities that we service and offer catering to include Albany, Amsterdam, Gloversville, Johnstown, Saratoga Springs, Schenectady and Troy.

Catering Menu

Catering Menu for the Capital Region of New York for Our Catered BBQ Services/Food

Scott Moore
Scott Moore
If you want a good NY BBQ. This is definitely a good one. Miller's came to my Job today. T-Force freight. I got the brisket and Mac and cheese. It was on point. The man in the window was super on point and the service was quick. Anyone here who posted the food was gross, need their heads examined. People's taste buds are all different. I wish I took a picture of the food as my wife and I do a lot of reviews. For a food truck. You won't be disappointed IMO. Thanks Miller's for coming over. I heard nothing but positive reviews of the food from the drivers. Next time we're in Mechanicsville. We're looking you up!!??
Matthew O'Hara
Matthew O'Hara
Miller's came to our marina and it was delicious! The brisket and corn bread were great. People were also raving about the pulled pork and mac n cheese. The only downside was having to smell it for a couple hours before we could eat it, couldn't wait that long. Thanks Miller's!
Lexy Metivier
Lexy Metivier
Millers came to my work and staff and members raved about the food. The mac and cheese was the best I've had. Thank you!!
Taylor Snider
Taylor Snider
Miller's came to my work today and I was not disappointed! I got the BBQ Sundae with brisket and it was very good. I was a little thrown off with the big slices of peach in it but I gave it a try and it worked so well with everything. Definitely reccomended stopping here if the truck is near!

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